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r/StockMarket – $URG Uranium play under 1$ before Biden’s trillion dollar plan reveal tomorrow + 1/12 Executive Order just signed about nuclear reactors

Ur-Energy $URG is a mining company that engages in uranium mining and recovery operations, with activities including acquisition, exploration, development, and operation of uranium mineral properties. Almost 2m in volume, 151m market cap. Check out the latest Executive Order signed yesterday by the US GOV issued yesterday about promoting small Nuclear reactors for national defence & space exploration

Here’s the link to check stats on Finviz:


It is currently listed amongst the top 5 energy plays in these chosen criteria (sorted by lowest price)

Forecasts have a median estimate of 19% increase from current price, the highest is 1.30$

Analysts coverage on CNN has 4 BUY 0 HOLD 0 SELL

Nuclear power backers hopeful Biden’s climate focus will boost industry :

Directly from Joe Biden’s website :

Added by the Global X Uranium ETF two weeks ago + BlackRock/Lazarus owning a percentage of the company

Vanguard bought in November (I know they buy everything but still)

Good article on $URG

price increase over 60% in Uranium since 2017

I think I’ll open up a position and see how it plays out for the next few weeks. Thursday Biden’s trillion dollar plan will be revealed I guess, so everyone is expecting a boost in clean energy related stocks. Need some more info, if you guys find anything negative I’d like to know, the more we research the better. Hope this post was helpful, since $URG has never been mentioned before. update: CEO buying shares last month here

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