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r/StockMarket – ($UONE) – Getting Ready for Juneteenth!

Next week is going to see insane volume for black-owned businesses for Juneteenth. Specifically, Urban One ($UONE) has the most to gain next week due to its historic gains last year and the opening of its casino.

Catalyst 1 – Juneteenth

On June 19th, the USA celebrates which commemorates the end of slavery in Texas. Last year, due to the numerous tragedies against black lives in the United States, it was decided that on Juneteenth 2020 only black-owned businesses would be supported. This caused a historic multi-day gain in the stock prices of these black-owned businesses – more info here. This year, with the exponential increase of retail investors and the "meme stock craze", these stocks are expecting even crazier multi-day gains for Juneteenth 2021.

Catalyst 2 – Vote for the first black-owned casino in America

On June 14th, there will be a vote in city council on whether or not Urban One ($UONE) will be moving forward with opening the first black-owned casino in America. This is expected to be unanimous as UONE has already received numerous approvals, but the timing of this vote being during the week of Juneteenth (Catalyst 1) is the perfect storm for insane volume flooding UONE next week. Not only that, but the asset value of the casino alone ($600m) means that UONE is currently significantly undervalued and could see a stable price way above its current value after Juneteenth.

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