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r/StockMarket – BLRX: The little biotech that could (fight cancer)

Here to tell you all about an Israeli Biotech (BLRX) that is about to drop some serious data which should show a revolutionary drug for stem cell mobilization. Fortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg for this drug which also showed significant results for PDAC with very sick patients.

The good: Low valuation, cash has now been raised (much to the chagrin of us who have been in), low float.

The bad: Management does not care about SP and is having difficulty securing a partnership.

Overall: A stock with big upside and low downside trading at about 3 per share. $22 PT which is prob high, but you are likely to see a 5x to $15 after the data is released and or when partnership occurs.

I know we won’t be watching this one today (too much going on) but consider it next week.

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