Buy the worst? Here are 5 destroyed stocks for this bottom-fishing strategy


“You shouldn’t necessarily overlook ‘bad’ stocks. Of course, do your due diligence. And definitely don’t invest all your eggs there. But conversely, don’t ignore picks just because someone tells you to.” See full story.

A Trump win over Biden would be the ‘biggest error’ in ‘modern era of mass polling’

Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads Republican incumbent President Donald Trump by a handsome margin with less than a month remaining before the Nov. 3 election. See full story.

Here are five stocks to own for the 5G network buildout

Apple is making 5G phones, underscoring expectations for a vast increase in broadband demand. See full story.

Elon Musk tweets price drop for Tesla Model S

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk promises a price cut on the Model S luxury sedan. See full story.

Mnuchin takes Pelosi to task for ‘all-or-nothing’ stance on fiscal stimulus as they keep talking

The pair talked again Wednesday by phone, according to a Pelosi spokesman, this time for about an hour. While it was the first time the two had spoken substantively since Friday, no breakthroughs were made. See full story.


As winter approaches, Fauci said, ‘I think we’re facing a whole lot of trouble.’ See full story.

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