YouTube could become the new competition for Amazon and Mercado Libre

The video platform explores the possibility of selling products.

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The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated online shopping and the digital transformation of many businesses. In this context, other large companies will also look for ways to take advantage of these times.

According to Bloomberg, Google plans that YouTube will become the new ecommerce and will start selling products through video creators, placing a tag on the articles that appear in audiovisual material, which will take users to the corresponding store .

According to this information, YouTube began asking select creators to tag products in their videos through provided software, and the company is also exploring the possibility of integrating Shopify to sell items directly from the video platform.

Photo: Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

The information is still not very clear, since it is not known how YouTube will generate income through these sales or the commission it will charge. However, it is clear that Google is looking for new ways of monetization through this platform.

Without a doubt, the great advantage of YouTube over ecommerce stores such as Amazon or Mercado Libre is the number of hours of videos that exist on the platform and include unboxing of products or makeup tutorials, cooking, among others.

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